Saturday 25 January 2014

A well-spent sleep brings happy days

To re-quote Leonardo da Vinci - A well-spent sleep brings happy days... Hence begin BIM's arduous sleep training journey for the past one week.
Sleeping BIM-eauty

Before this BIM has been sleeping in her cot which is located in mummy & daddy's room. She would only sleep with a pacifier and she needed mummy's hand as her comforter. Moreover, there was no proper routine during the day so BIM would nap once/twice during the day.

Since BIM has turned 1 and she is a big girl now, mummy and daddy hoped she can sleep on her own. We asked for some advice from other mums (with more kids), and started on the training process from Sunday evening.

The first few times were unbearable for mummy and BIM. BIM had protest cry for hours before she finally fell asleep, and mummy felt she was so cruel to BIM. Then praise God for He sent a helper - mummy's friend Auntie A. She dropped by and supported mummy for two days. Auntie A also lent mummy a book "Save Our Sleep" by Tizzie Hall and we followed the suggestions in the book. 

On the third day of training BIM grasped the idea that her cry and protest were futile and she was able to self settle. Since then BIM is having a routine in her life. She has two naps during daytime and sleeps through the night for 12 hours. Generally she becomes more cheerful and eats more too! Meanwhile, mummy & daddy are able to have quality time together when BIM is asleep.

Just want to take this opportunity to thank Auntie A for giving her time and help when we are in need. You are such a blessing Auntie A!

Enough sleep == Happy Beaming Baby! 

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  1. Good for you, BIM. You will put on weigh when you can sleep through the night. Keep it up!