Wednesday 15 January 2014

BIM's 1st Birthday Picnic

Hi everyone! My friends are celebrating my birthday at the foreshore, and
we had great fun pulling at each others legs :) Enjoy the pics!

Giving my birthday speech...
My friends are enjoying my party too!
My Birthday Cake!

Like my pink flower headband?

Ladies & Gentlemen, And this is how I gobble up my cake...

Wow, what a great day! Hope you all have fun too!

Thanks for all the pressie!


  1. Hahaha!!!!! Happy Birthday, BIM. Love You!!!

  2. Hahaha!~!!!!! Happy Birthday BIM! Love You....... .^ - ^

  3. OMG!! Such a cute birthday baby. She looks adorable in pink dress especially in that hair band. My daughter will be turning 2 next week and thinking of hosting a lovely birthday party for her at one of San Francisco event venues. Need to look for arrangment ideas for the day.

    1. Hi Wenni, Hope your daughter had a fabulous 2 years old birthday party and many to come!