Thursday 2 January 2014

splish splash! splish splash!

Shaking my fins!

Have I told you about my activity on Thursday? During school term Mummy and I go for Aqua playgroup, where my friends and I have tonnes of fun in the water. We sing songs while splashing the water, crawl through a tunnel (I don't like that yet), and play with toys. I can even swim with a giant octopus!

Daddy you can crawl through the tunnel,
 I'll wait for you on the other side :)

Our instructor Louie is a wonderful lady, always with a big smile on her face and a loud voice so everyone can hear her. Sometimes she is a bit cheeky as she likes to pour water on my head.

As now it is still school holiday at the moment, I can only stay at home on Thursday. But let me show you some of the pictures taken during the open day of Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre.

I can stack the cubes!
Hello ducks!
Can't wait for school term to start so I can swim like a fish again in the big pool with mummy!

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