Thursday 15 May 2014

BIM in Europe - London

Hi everyone,
We were in Europe! It was quite a long trip to Europe from Mandurah @Malaysia Airlines and very taxing on mummy and daddy (probably another separate post by itself) but we managed to get there, albeit very tired. But we were happy to see Uncle T & Auntie D once again. 
sleeping beauty in bassinet @malaysiaairlines 
Uncle T & Auntie D and me in some flower market!

We had lunch at Duck & Waffle - highest restaurant in UK, 40th floor up.
Uncle T said much better view than London eye.

View from Duck  & Waffle restaurant =)
Daddy and me in front of Buckingham Palace. Too bad I was sleeping and didn't see the guards.
Then we took the ferry around River Thames
Guess what? This is NOT London Bridge but it is the Tower Bridge. So technically it should be Tower Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down...
And this IS the REAL moldy London Bridge, how disappointing. There goes the reality of my nursery rhymes.
Cutty Sark - the Brit clipper ship in Greenwich.
Greenwich - where the royal observatory is - where the prime meridian is  - the east meet the west - 24 hours apart simultaneously - mind blown!

To be continued...

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