Saturday 7 June 2014

BIM in Europe - Cologne, Germany

Cologne, makes me think of perfume, or more aptly, the Eau de Cologne.
The most famous is the 4711. But to be honest, it doesn't smell that great either. Mummy says that my baby smell smells better than that. :)
But, that, is beside the point as we were in Germany!
And of course, you have to visit the Cologne Cathedral and many other places which I will tour with you below...

Hi everyone, I'm giving you a BIMmy wave from Cologne, Germany.
Love locks on the Hohenzollern Bridge

Ta..da..! showcasing BIM & family at the love locks
Imhoff-Schokoladenmuseum - Lindt Chocolate Museum !
Lots of live machinery that show you how chocolate are actually made
Chocolate chef?
Red Riding Hood? I mean erhm Chocolate Riding Hood.
Giant Easter Bunny!
German wooden toys - can you spot the cathedral?
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the famous Cologne Cathedral. It is Germany's most visited landmark, attracting an average of 20,000 people a day. Construction of Cologne Cathedral commenced in 1248 and was halted in 1473, leaving it unfinished. The completion of Germany's largest cathedral was celebrated as a national event on 14 August 1880, 632 years after construction had begun. The cathedral suffered fourteen hits by aerial bombs during World War II.

Peter Brauhaus - Trotters, Knuckles & German Beer
Just some random surprises outside the cathedral, enjoy...

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