Friday 13 June 2014

Brazil? No, Belgium.

Brazil 2014 Worldcup - Wait, I thought Brazil is not in Europe but what's this? Well apparently we were in Belgium but we bumped into a giant Manneken-Pis drapped in Belgium colored flag with a Brazilian soccer flag while holding the famous Belgium waffle and his erhm .. thing :) But those are cool sunnies by the way..

Look mummy soccer ball! Soccer fever in Brussels
But I must say the replica is much cooler than the real thing. The real Manneken-Pis sculpture is really small but it attracts a huge crowd trying to take its picture.

The original Manneken-Pis. Disappointingly small
In contrast, the royal palace of Brussels is huge...
Royal Palace of Brussels

And we heard that another town nearby, Bruges, is very pretty and idyllic. 

Grote Markt, Brugge 
I'm still learning to walk around the market...
Idyllic Brugge canal
If you look carefully you can see Marilyn Monroe!
These are the famous Germany Black Forrest Cuckoo clock that we found in Brugge..
And mummy's favourite - flowers
And daddy's favourite - rockets. This is the famous Tintin rocket ship. Tintin is actually birth by a Belgian cartoonist, Georges Remi and you can see lots of them in Brussels.
Petite lil' afternoon tea
And those famous Belgium chocolates - but those Easter bunny are very scary...

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