Thursday 24 July 2014

Paris - the city of romance?

Well this is our last European stop - the so-called city of romance or love but is that really so?
I guess you can be the judge by looking through the photos. However, I must admit that probably either there's too high of an unrealistic expectation of Paris or some infrastructure does need a bit more TLC. And oh, we almost got scammed by the "deaf and mute". Won't elaborate more but you can google them.
Apart from that, Paris does has it beautiful side so here we go...

The famous Lourve museum - didn't even have to queue as baby gets "express" lane. Go BIM!
Some majestic looking ceiling art
And ceiling covered with gold
The Wedding at Cana - where Jesus performed his first miracle.
The Mona Lisa was adjacent to this but it is actually really small (A4 small) but the queue was massive so didn't bother :)

Moulin Rouge. Didn't see Nicole Kidman though...
Notredame cathedral. Can you see the hunchback? Oh wait I think daddy has backache pushing the pram =)
Stained glass - lots of biblical tales etched on them
Paris Science Museum - let's experiment
And this, is how how string theory works and it looks like mummy's face =)
See the Orb? - very sciency indeed
Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile - the traditional version
The modern version of the Arc in La Defense
La Defense - you can see one Arc to the other from here...
And also weird sculptures - art?
Daddy thinks it's a big spider... or wolverine's claw... but I see the Big M =)
After lots of walk, how else can you replenish your energy but to have some snails? Eww

And I'm tired...
Strolling through the garden...
Last but not least, the Eiffel tower.
So what do you think of Paris?
Well regardless, hope you had enjoyed the journey with us.

Till then.

Lots of love,

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