Saturday 22 November 2014

Abingdon Miniature Village

I'm posing in front of St Nicholas Church
Well many think that I am small for my size but today I found the perfect place for all things miniature - welcome to the Abingdon Miniature Village  courtesy of daddy's workplace Christmas party! It is a display of historic English buildings from the UK with model trains, mini golfs, secret gardens, maze etc.

Market St Shops - strolling down to the shops with my bestie Lucy!
Halls Croft - big tree in the middle
Toll Cottage. For once I am a giant!

Where's the Christmas party that daddy promised?
This looks like a promising secret entrance...

And we found out that Santa had just arrived in his reindeer !

Unfortunately, I was quite taken aback by his massive beard and red suit and daddy had to convince me otherwise that he is actually quite harmless :(

Secret garden with mummy
Well Santa gave me ... Peppa Pig
Well at least I'm not afraid of the clown. She is less scarier than Santa, don't you think so?
Check out my unicorn tatts...
Dinosaur! Grrgggh..
Wonder what that is?
Patiently waiting for my turn...
And it really paid off! What gorgeous angel wings. I can fly!
For those who needs great clowns, fairies, face painting, balloons etc. check out Entertaineous. She's pretty awesome!

Time to check out my wings and do my pre-flight safety checks...

Flaps.. check, harness.. check, flight controls.. check.  Lift off!

Whew.. what a tiring day out.
What an awesome Christmas party!

Lots of pre-Christmas love,

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