Saturday 27 August 2016

Medovik cake secret recipe

Dear all,
I am going to share the story and recipe of Medovik, my family all time favourite honey cake. I have written a post about medovik and you can check it here

This is a very popular cake in Ukraine & Russia, and I believe in the eastern Europe and former soviet union. The cake is made out of layers of cake, sour cream caremel and crushed walnuts. Mummy enjoys eating with a cup of black tea, just like how the russian babuska will :)

In 2014 mummy found out the honeycake in Frementle and instantly she became one of their loyal customers. So far she has bought more than 5 cakes of all sizes, ranging from $55 to $115 per cake. It finally dawn to her that she should learn how to make the cake herself since she loves it so much. Hence the search for a simple & tasty medovik recipe started earlier this year.

After trial and error, this is the Medovik topt (tort a.k.a cake) mummy baked.

Thursday 25 August 2016

Mei mei's first post

Hello everybody, today is my turn to tell you about my elder sister.
As you can see, I look similar to my sister when she was little.

She is the cheeky & funny one in the family.