Monday 17 October 2016

Peel Zoo

Hello everyone, 
Let's go to Peel Zoo today. Guess what animals can we spot today.

We are at the entrance

Birdie eating fruit

What a beautiful peacock
Such big emus
But I am not afraid
Saying hi to Tasmanian Devil.
And Lizards.
More lizards!
Is that a wombat?
Jie Jie doesn't seem to like animal at all.
Ok! I am a bit afraid of snake.

Kangaroos are fine.
And sheep are ok too!
The zoo will even come to you if you want!
We have such a great time. Maybe I will become a vet one day, much to Jie Jie's chagrin who dislikes any of them with a passion! :)

Mei Mei

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