Sunday 29 October 2017

Castaway Sculpture by the Rockingham beach

Dear readers,

We were at the opening day of the 10th Anniversary of the Castaway Sculpture Awards 2017 at Rockingham Beach. Lots of very creative recycled sculptures so let me show you some...

Message in the bottle. It's bigger than me

Invasion of the jellyfish! Argh! :)

We are the Pingu family!

Look closer and you will clubs, i mean, little chicks!

This is Gia's 'Rescued II'. Isn't that just amazing!

Mummy had a closer selfie with the mummy turtle..

Seafood basket ? Hmm I'm hungry now :)

Ariel..Is that you?

Err Sea Worm?

That is just so symmetrically beautiful

Icy flowers. Elsa is that you?

Tower of CDs. So pretty!
Aww... Doesn't Mei mei look cute?
That looks like Melman from Madagascar in the crate! 

Who would have thought that you can make such beautiful artworks from recycled material indeed. Such creativity!
Till then...

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