Thursday, 12 July 2018

Perth Fire Station. HOT!

Hello everybody,
We are going to be fireladies for the day!
Fire HOT!

Let's take a train ride up to Perth

On the way to the fire station, we found this massive dragon tree

And here we are - DFES Education and Heritage Centre (Department of Fire and Emergency Services)

And our gears are ready for action... all we need is...


And I am ready to fight the fire! This is Mei-mei reporting for duty!

I have recruited my fellow firegirl

And fireboy

And I recruit BIM as the driver

Ready to roll? Over!

Roger that! Over and out!

Let's go!

What a job well done.

Fireladies in posing action

Whew. What a day. Time to relax...

And draw our experince. Hope I win a prize :)
Fire HOT!

Lot of love, 

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