Sunday, 30 September 2018

Araluen Botanic Park - Tulip Mania!

Have you heard of the Tulip Mania? Apparently in 1635, a sale of 40 bulbs of tulips went on sale for $100,000 and the average income was approx $400/year in the Netherlands. Hence the bubble burst...

Nonetheless, we don't have to travel far to witness God's creation in splendor display and I assure you that it does not costs you an arm or leg...

Introducing Araleun Botonic Park - 30km south of Perth in Roleystone...

I think I am a tulip... wait.. maybe Cinderalla

Grandma loves tulips too

Sakura flower?? I thought we are in Tulip park?

Me and Aunty posing

Girls - Flowers Power!

Mummy thinks that she is a tulip too

Grandma and Aunty..

Posing like Crazy Rich Asian? :)

Ok those are fake flamingos..

Mei mei and mummy

And I get my face painted..

..with flowers of course

We have such a lovely time where all the tulips come out to play. 
Love BIM

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