Monday 25 January 2021

Busselton trip

 Hi everybody.
BIM & Mei mei here.
We went to a playground at Busselton...
& took a train at the jetty for 1.8km into the sea
Look blue house @Busselton Jetty
Arrrrr @Pirateship
Finally we are going 9m underwater...Pictures of coral... 
Now real coral!
"Nice poses Mei mei!"

Now let's go to Canal Rocks
Whoa! It's windy here.

Let's have a rest by taking a family photo!
Canal Rocks!
Lunch break
Coloring in time!

Next stop Mammoth Caves
We have cool headphones.
It is 12 degrees in Mammoth Cave!
There's so many stairs I feel like I'm going to fall!
Finally I feel the heat. 
Now it's too hot and we wanted a cool drink.
Now we've had a cool drink &
we're happily putting on nail polish. 

Goodbye everybody & I'll see you in our next adventure. 

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