Monday, 6 January 2014

My Poang Chair!

Hi! I'm having nectarine and I'm happy. Guess what I'm doing while eating nectarine?

Yep! I'm supervising daddy while he assembles the Poang children's armchair from IKEA.

First daddy takes out all the parts from the box. He screws the metal frame, puts the cover on it.

Then daddy screws the wooden frame. After that he assembles the wooden frame with the metal frame.

Finally, daddy lays the cushion on the chair. Now both daddy and I have the same chair, and we are as happy as a lark!

Disclaimer: We are not sponsored by IKEA. We simply love furniture from IKEA and the Poang children's armchair suits BIM. By the way we bought it from IKEA Perth for $29 as it is on sale (normal price $49).

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