Friday 17 January 2014

The Big Draw

This evening we went to the foreshore for picnic. And I had corn for picnic. Yum! But we had an unexpected guest who landed straight in front of us... Mummy & I were in a bit of a shock...

And we ran into a giant pelican!

Then we went to Smart street to join the twilight market - Smart Street Parties. We saw lots of  vintage and retro stuff, plus arts and crafts by artists and artisans. Many were selling their wares out of their suitcases!
Twilight Market on Smart Street

In the midst of people, we noticed a blue booth with hanging pencils.

It was promoting The Big Draw at Stretch 2014 event which will be held on Easter Sunday, 20 April 2014 in Mandurah. The Big Draw aims to promote drawing as a tool for thought, creativity and cultural engagement for people of all ages.

We created a postcard there and it will be a pressie for the tourist who visits Mandurah. Great! We were to draw something that represents Mandurah and mummy decided to draw an outline of my foot. Don't ask me why but I guess it's because I represent one of the babies in Mandurah ? 

Can you spot our handiwork?

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  1. Hello BIMBY, it's nice to hear from you again! Enjoy yourself, Love You all.