Saturday 20 September 2014

Medovik - Honey Cake @ Fremantle Market

Hello people,
It has been a while since our last adventure so let me introduce to you somewhere local yet something foreign but yummy. The somewhere local is the Fremantle Market. No, not the Freo dockers :)
Anyway, the something foreign is the Medovik (Russian language for honey cake). Or the Bohemian / Czech / Ukraine honey cake. Not too sure who can really lay claim on its originality but I suppose it's just like the Australian / Kiwi Pavlova rivalry. FYI, mummy first tried it during her Ukrainian years.

Statue of John Gerovich's in the 1956 WAFL prelim final - I mean the Fremantle Market! :)
The Honey cake store
Mummy's taste testing session
The layered honey cake - daddy mentioned that it looks like lasagne, tastes like honey
Conclusion? I am loving it!

Disclaimer: No affiliation but just a fan. Check them out - The Honey Cake 

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  1. Tried and luv it so I bought a box for my niece's birthday and she was so thrilled. She said it was one of the best cakes ever ever !