Thursday 13 November 2014

Art Exhibition on Amberley Gardens

Last night we did something really special. It was my first visit to an opening ceremony of a local art exhibition. It was held at the Amberley Gardens in Karnup. It is actually still on the for the week so check out the event on this link

Our friend Graeme will be featuring  his landscape, wildlife & street photography and Marilyn with her watercolour and pencil art, with some caricatures on display from her time as court artist.

Anyway, here was how the night unfolded...

Just right at the entrance.. what a grand swing this is...

 And we were then greeted by this massive tree (that is probably much much much older than I am) and a rustic-looking old windmill.

My fine balancing act on the wheelbarrow
And we finally entered the exhibition :) And I was already bored..
Oh look, that's a more interesting erhm.. painting?
wow check out the .. price tag :)
and more photographs..
Books! That's more like it..
Cool sail boats...
Picture opportunity with Graeme!
And this is daddy's fav waterfall. I bet the blue water glows in the dark!
Oh and if you didn't realize, I'd been bringing my favourite doll Lucy around.

Stay tune for the next adventure of BIM & Lucy!

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