Friday 1 May 2015

Singapore - Flower Dome & Cloud Forest - Gardens by the bay

Guess where am I travelling to next?

Hint: It has a wicket looking hotel with a boat on it rather than the bails.

You guessed it! It's the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

the famous merlion

And Singapore has lots of boats
Doing a We-fie with a mirror
Look at the 2 giant domes behind mummy
Daddy and his crazy hair style...

 We went to the flower dome...
I had my princess tiara!
Inside the flower dome. Tulips outside of Holland??

It's Cinderella!

Grandpa & grandma 
Then we went to the cloud forest... it's literally a massive concrete jungle with real plants

Large indoor waterfall!
Venus fly trap made out of Lego!
With Uncle J in the zen garden

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