Thursday, 1 October 2015

Gnomesville @ Ferguson Valley

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Long time no blog. Much have happened but let me tell you one of my best day ever. Well, not really initially but got to conquer my fear of weird looking porcelain dolls. :) 

Without much further ado, introducing Gnomesville (next to a roundabout, really) at Ferguson Valley near Bunbury. Truth is, it wasn't even plan that way but back in the 90s, as a result of cumunity concerns about the school bus stopping at the original Y junction that was here, the roundabout was constructed. 

Ok. I'm not so fond of gnomes, really.
Where's BIM ?

On the roadside close to the current carpark there stood a large redgum tree with a hollow close to the ground. A local resident Kathleen Rees saw the opportunity for this hallow tree to become a home for a Gnome so she simply placed one there! Another local Tony Crowder thought that this gnome home needed a name and so put up the first sign "Dun Gnoming" above the hallow.
I know it's about gnomes but I still prefer pooh bear!
We-fie at the village with new baby sis. Oh yeah we will introduce her in next post.

The base of the tree is still visible even though the tree died and fell some years ago.
Mummy, baby sis and gnomes

Gnomes going camping?

Alongside this, a cricket pitch was setup for summer and converted to a footy ground in winter. There were setup by one of community's tireless workers, Kevin Campbell, The bronze thong and memorial recognizes the work that he did for the community.

Camping next to the log
From this small beginning, others joined in the fun and "Gnomesville" was born. Gnomes started to appear on the roundabout as the current site was then quite overgrown, An old meter box was the first infrastructure to appear on the roundabout and this became "Gnomesville Garage".
I got over my fear by making loud dinosaur roar!

It was Kevin who cleared the current site by burning the felled trees left after the aroundabout was built. He did this as the gnomes on the roundabout were frequently vandalised and were being found over the valley, on peoples fence posts etc. The gnomes then moved over to the current site, liked their new surroundings and continued to spread and attract new neighbours.

Sneak peak for baby sis!

The community took an interest and helped by maintaining the expanding are by whipper snipping and keeping the site clean and tidy. As most of the gnomes were now well off the road, vandalism ceased to be the issue that it originally was.

Aussie gnomes!
Yay for Gnomes
Littered with gnomes

The wishing well was constructed by David & Cheryl Rourke of King of Lodge and many other locals also had their names inscribed in the surrounding mosaics. The well initially proved a source of funds that helped maintain the site but unfortunately vandalism of the lock and mesh cover soon stopped donations.
The gnomes on the bus goes round and round...

After several years the Shire of Dardanup recognised the value of this growing tourist attraction and installed the picnic setting & carpark. In addition, the Shire now provide care and maintenance of the site. This community artwork has now grown beyond all expectations despite the risk of flooding and the washing away of some of the "locals". It now gathers gnomes from all over the world as the site has become one of the top 100 places to visit in Australia.

Interesting Place indeed hey ?
All this grew from one lonely gnome in a gum tree!

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