Friday, 23 September 2016

Pick your own strawberries again!

Hello everybody, today we are going for strawberries picking again! After almost two years. You can find the younger version of me picking strawberries by clicking here :)

The strawberry farm is right behind Duva's Convenient Store at 424 Badgerup road, Gnangara.

Here we are! With lots of strawberry lovers.

Pick the big and juicy ones, daddy says.

Mulberry feast

These are my pink flamigo boots! Come and jump up & down in muddy puddles with me!

No I'm just kidding, would you like picking mulberry with me instead?

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Happy Father's day! A day out in Pinjarra

Hi everybody! Today is father's day and we are going to make it a special day for daddy. After Sunday service we went to Pinjarra, a little town nearby.

We had our lunch at Jarra Infusion, a local cafe that is full of charm and vibrant.
 Dinasaur Roar!!

The cafe is very kids friendly!