Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Adventurescape Playground Austin Lakes

Hi there, it was a cloudy Saturday and we went to Adventurescape playground at South Yunderup. It is about 15km south east of Mandurah, so we had a short road trip as well :)

There were two big slides, and Mei mei was in one of them!

I slided out from it's tail. Such a funny, weird long tail :)

There were a number of picnic and BBQ fascilities here in the park.

The park was full of farm animals, don't worry they won't steal our food/

We manoeuvred the yellow tractor, I would say it's not an easy job!

Here are more snapshots, enjoy!

Thumbs up for such a wonderful playground. By the way, the windmill behind me is actually a slide as well.

Alright folks, till we meet again. Thanks for coming along with us. 
Lots of love, BIM

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