Sunday 29 October 2017

Castaway Sculpture by the Rockingham beach

Dear readers,

We were at the opening day of the 10th Anniversary of the Castaway Sculpture Awards 2017 at Rockingham Beach. Lots of very creative recycled sculptures so let me show you some...

Message in the bottle. It's bigger than me

Invasion of the jellyfish! Argh! :)

Avocado farm - without avocado??

My dear readers,

Today I have an interesting tale to tell you all where we went to Settler Plantation in Baldivis to grab apparently the best and cheapest avocados around... Unfortunately they were in such a great demand that they were all sold out so we will have to come back next weekend. Yup, the last bag of $3 avacados was bought by mummy's friend from Malaysia... So we took some pictures instead...

This is me helping to do "weeding" at the avo farm

Dandelions are too pretty to be a weed. Oh look my friend Batman is helping too