Sunday, 26 November 2017

Tiny Doors with My Little Pony

Dear Diary,

I feel like Dora the Explorer as we have a mission to accomplish today in our beloved Mandurah.
If you check out this school of fish mural, can you find a very tiny door?

Hint: I think daddy is trying to cheat on the phone

But Mei mei & I found it first!

Tada! Door number 4 is our first door.

We found a red door too.

Then I decided to tell my bestie C to come along with my adventure. And this time with a proper map.

Off we go for treasure hunting!

We got sidetracked and decided to pose for funny faces instead.

Look! We found door number 8!

Fluttershy decided to knock on the door.

And we found another one under the locks...

Rainbow Dash decided to crash the party too.

Nope no doors over here...

Let's make funny faces again.

Not sure which door number this is but hey my Fluttershy and C's Rainbow Dash are having fun.

I think we are guarding the door from err.. any villians from My Little Pony!

Door number 9. Tick. And Mei mei's Pinkie Pie is joining in the fun too!

Pirate ship!

No doors here but this is still a great sculpture.

Whew. I think we need an ice-cream break.

Yup. Pinkie Pie definitely likes strawberry ice-cream.

And we like the GIANT ice-cream. Yum!

We finally found the hardest door - Door number 10!

Well that's it for our great tiny door adventure. Hope you enjoy the journey with us too.

PS. Thumbs up for C and her daddy for joining us with our adventures!

Love, BIM

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