Sunday 14 January 2018


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018!
I know it is belated now but we have been busy travelling :)

Guess where have we been? It's hot and tropical yet exiciting in place somewhere in Malaysia...

The background logo gives you the hint where we are

Ok. The giant rudolff and elf gives it all away now..

and I think I'm taller than the lego girl here

You can't have Christmas without Lego Christmas tree

Next we decided to go boating. Better put on life jackets.

Boating - Lego syle

Aand who's the skipper?

Outside the Ninjago palace

Mei Mei is so happy to ride the train

Lego instruments that plays music and doubles as a water fountain??

Finally we are at the throne seat

...outside our castle

.. next to the draw bridge

Top it with a giant Lego octopus

I mean Giraffe as he's much taller :)

Whew, we can now relax in the miniature world.

With the view of KL behind me

And we travel to Angkor Wat in Cambodia in the next second

And fast forward to Laos

And landed in some port

Ferris wheel in Singapore

Next Taj Mahal

Whew, that was exhausting travel. Let's take a Lego train ride instead.

I love Legoland! I woud like to work here next time!

And I will ride into the sunset!

Till next time,
Selamat Tinggal!

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