Saturday, 14 April 2018

Easter @ Freo

Dear readers,

Easter break is here and we have decided to go for a short break to have holiday and remember Jesus' death and celebrate His resurrection. P.S. Check out bonus video @ the end...

Guess where we are going?

Let me give you a clue. I love reading

Well it's not the library.

It's Freo! aka Fremantle

And we stayed at the lovely apartment at Rialto

And it's 2 thumbs up!

And what a lovely surprise as we have games on the street downstairs!

A game of snakes & ladders

Who wants to challenge me for chess?

And bubbles

Giant dominoes!

Peak-a-boo! I'm camping

Ok time for a break

Next to the shipwreck musuem

And we met a lovely stranger

Err are we in Brighton bathing box? Freo's very own...

Cool structure

And this is oldest building in Western Australia - Round House - built in 1830.

And I'm ringing the bell.

Thumbs up for Round House

Did you see mummy's head glow? Illusion street art at its coolest!

Look before crossing the road

Right time for a rest

Ah hammock time!

And yummy seafood

And my fav toy shop

What a sculpture?

At the town hall

And we had early mass at St John 6AM in the morning for Easter.

Jesus has risen!

Lots of love,

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