Sunday, 29 November 2020

Western Australian Museum Boola Bardip tour

Hi there,BIM here.
Guess what I'm doing?

Train station? Half right.

Hang on now, where are we walking to?

Swan. Wait a minute, I see bottles!


Finally, we're here! Wait where are we again?

We are at the new WA Musem!

Never mind. I'll just sit in my car.

Up the escalator.

Day-dreaming time.

Beautiful artwork, NOT!

Now this is REAL artwork.

Sharks floating? I thought sharks were in 
the sea!

Exo-skeleton? Nope,whale.

Not stuck in a cage, right?

Yep,I was right...



Well, Mei Mei thinks so. I mean mushrooms..

Poopy time!

Hairy stuff?

Frog time!

Is that coral?


Chicken pox? Nah.

Movie on the ceiling?
That can't be!

Coral, fake?

Well, this stands out.


"Hello. The weather today will be...

Up the stairs we go

Spiral, golden stairs

Marry go round time

Animals crossings

What is Mei mei doing?

Let's play a game


Finally time for lunch!

Till next adventure,
By Bim

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