Friday 16 September 2022

Kiwi - fruit, bird or people?

Is Kiwi a fruit, a bird, the people, or even a bank? Let’s go and find out at Auntie E's wedding..

hello everyone. BIM here.

Guess where we are going today?

That's right! We're going on a plane.

But the question is: to where?

But I won't leave you in curiousity, we're going to New Zealand!

‘Doe a deer, a female deer. Re a drop of golden sun…’ 🎶 

Ok finished climbing Mount Wellington.

We got a great view of the city, only on a bridge in line with the ground!

How many deers do you see?

Some hieroglyphics, wait I thought we were in New Zealand not Egypt!

Although these do look really nice

These fountains do look lovely

Is it too hot for mum? She looks sunburned!

Now this is a family photo you put on that wall

The secret garden

Another great family photo

Last one to swim to the other side is the rotten egg, just kidding

One romantic moment

I’m still confused is it Rotorua or Rotovegas?

Scary night, hold on tight!

The lights look pretty

Girl power!

This is a forest, do you think we could bump into a bear?

This gas is making me hot!

Hobbit Town!

I am trying to steal that magical ring

Pushed away from that hobbit as he noticed me.

The trail to duck land!

Where does this pathway lead to?…

…A great view?

Visiting the supposedly the best climber at the zoo, the orangutan 

Even if dad carried me I don’t think I could beat the height of that giraffe

Ok. Time to get ready for wedding.

What a view at the wedding - Kauri Bay Boomrock

Wedding dinner, yum!

Finally, official Auntie E's family wedding photo!

Kauri Bay Boomrock, again

And I found real Kiwi!, but preserved

Elephants aren't native to NZ??

Ok, time to fly home and Mei mei's tooth fell off!

Mei mei showcasing her souvenior from Kiwi

What a great trip! We alreeady miss Auntie E and all the family!


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